Monday, May 7, 2012

So, this happened to me. my first dinner back in Boston. I was enjoying these ramen at the store until these two guys who were obviously really into each other decided to sit down next to me. I was pretty fine with everything until one of the guys opened his mouth in this obnoxious voice ._. and, and and... talking ABOUT MATH. He was like... "YA KNOW, @(#)$()#$(@@#@..... y=mx+b" and my brain went @-@. The other guy was so intent too, mhmm-ing and uhuh-ing the whole way. The point is, his voice.

and there goes my peaceful dinner. And, crappy drawing, i know C:

Anyways, something super super quick I did. I tried memorizing the scene, since i just woke up from the couch when i saw this. But next time I'm going to just suck it up and drag my laptop and draw it from life, coz this study obviously is ew.

And, and, my drawing assignment. The trojan horse. It's barely even a trojan horse concept anymore.