Friday, January 3, 2014



Here are 2 paintings that I did this past semester! From thumbnails to the final paintings. It was definitely challenging, especially since I've never brought a painting to this level of finish. (Someone teach me how to render, pleaseeeee, aaaahhh)

But here it is! I'm not completely satisfied with the way the finals turned out, but I learned A TON. I'll go back and revisit these paintings in soon future :)

I'm so grateful that my teacher Jon DiVenti was so patient with me and was constantly pushing us!



Force Analysis Practice

Been practicing and trying to train my eye to analyze forces that go on in the body :D Trying to look more closely at energy lines, plumblines, pushing/pulling, motivations going on inside the body.
Just for my personal practice XD Figure drawing is fun, even though it's hard. 

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and then there's me during winter break