Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lateness Overload--Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Haha I thought I better post this before 2011 ends, which is in a little less than 7 hours!

So... Merry (very belated) Christmas and Happy New Year of 2012! 

Also, I heard that it's going to be the year of Dragon?
And now I'm going to go back under my covers and contemplate about my new year resolutions.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post-Xmas + Pre-New Year Art Vomit

Some stuff that I did for this first semester!


The Tree Spirit
Hmm I can't say I really like the way it came out :\ It can afford to pump up some drama. but I did get to learn a lot about photoshop through this project, thanks to my awesome friendssss. :)!

The Frenchy Town?

I based this place on a small French town called Riquewihr (don't ask how i pronounce it...) and its nearby towns. It's in the Alsace and was a town of winery. Its architecture survived from the medieval times and the town just looks SO BEAUTIFUL from all the photos. I really want to go there one day. It's on my bucket list.

Painting from 2D Design using analogous colors. It was really fun painting en plen air! :D

Compositions for 2D. These were fun to make actually :D.

My Santa Thief's room. I had a lot fun with exploring the idea and lighting. And no, he's not the Grinch!