Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post-Xmas + Pre-New Year Art Vomit

Some stuff that I did for this first semester!


The Tree Spirit
Hmm I can't say I really like the way it came out :\ It can afford to pump up some drama. but I did get to learn a lot about photoshop through this project, thanks to my awesome friendssss. :)!

The Frenchy Town?

I based this place on a small French town called Riquewihr (don't ask how i pronounce it...) and its nearby towns. It's in the Alsace and was a town of winery. Its architecture survived from the medieval times and the town just looks SO BEAUTIFUL from all the photos. I really want to go there one day. It's on my bucket list.

Painting from 2D Design using analogous colors. It was really fun painting en plen air! :D

Compositions for 2D. These were fun to make actually :D.

My Santa Thief's room. I had a lot fun with exploring the idea and lighting. And no, he's not the Grinch!

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